How to Setup SMTP in WordPress with Contact Form 7

How to Setup SMTP in WordPress with Contact Form 7

If you just use a contact form plugin to send messages from your WordPress website then there are high chances of email bounce rate and your messages will land on the spam folder.

It is very important that the email message should reach the right person at the right time in their inbox. So how do we make sure that the email delivers properly to the inbox?

So, let’s see what’s SMTP. It is the communication technique that allow software to send an electronic mail over the internet also called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

So, what happens sometimes when you send a message using contact form 7 it will fail to deliver. This issue happens because you haven’t setup the SMTP on your WordPress Website.

For this we are goanna use a plugin that helps us to configure the SMTP settings.

So, for this all you need is an email id that you can create in your hosting account.

First let’s see how we are goanna create an email account in Hostinger

Step No-1 (Login to Hosting)

So, first step is login to your hosting and click on manage & scroll down & click EMAIL ACCOUNTS now click on the option shown in the below image. So to create a new email account all you have to do is click add email account.

Guys here you can see how many email accounts you can create. I can create 1 email account. If you want more you can upgrade by clicking here.

So, let’s click add email account.

Enter the name

Enter the password

And click create So, we have successfully created an email account.


Step 2: Configure SMTP

To setup SMTP we need email protocols. How do we get that?

Yes, to see the email protocols just click on configuration settings. Under Manual configuration you’ll find the email protocols.

Manual configuration email protocols

So now we have to use these details and enter it to SMTP plugin. To do that login to your WordPress dashboard.

Go to plugin click add new and, in the search, box just type smtp.

So, you’ll get this plugin WP Mail SMTP by WP Forms click INSTALL NOW and click ACTIVATE

install WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

Now we have to enter the email protocol details into this plugin and configure that. So that way your email sending process going to be very smooth and it’s not goanna stop anymore awesome right!

So now we’re actually going to configure the SMTP. Click on settings

Here we have some fields which we need to fill in a moment.

So, first thing is From email address to get that go to your hosting and click on email accounts and this email account which we have created just now. so, this we have to copy and paste it here.

Next enter From Name, I am goanna give Create Dynamic Websites, it’s up to you, you can give any name here.

Reply-to Email Address – Enter the same email id which you have provided on top.

BCC Email Address – this is optional you can use if you want to send all email to a specific or multiple emails. Use this option carefully since all your outgoing emails from your site will add this address to the BCC field.

Mailer – after that you have to choose the mailer service provider. There are multiple options to choose from. The popular ones are Google, AWS, 365/ Outlook, and more. We are going to choose Google and move to next step.

image 3

SMTP Host – now under this field, you need to enter incoming server details.

So go to your hosting and copy this one right here incoming server (IMAP) click to copy and come back to WordPress and paste it here.

Type of Encryption – select SSL/TLS option.

SMTP Port – for this again go to hosting and copy this outgoing server (SMTP) port number – 465

SMTP Authentication – so this option should always be checked ‘Yes’

SMTP Username – so under SMTP username you got to enter the same email id that you have created.

SMTP Password – so you have to enter the same password which you have entered for creating the email account.

Once you have entered all these details, now click on save changes.

So, the settings have been saved successfully.

Step 3: Test Email

So, in the previous step we have entered all the emails protocols into WP Mail  SMTP plugin & configured it successfully.

Now it’s time to test the email. How do we do that.

Just click this tab test email.

send test email

For testing am goanna enter this email (

And subject Create Dynamic Websites

Message – Hi this is test mail from CDW.

And click send test Email.

As you can see test email was successfully sent. No errors occurred during the process.

So that’s all guys,

Now I am goanna summarize the process what we have done so far.

First, we have Created an email account from your hosting panel under email account option and then we have installed WP Mail SMTP plugin on your WordPress website and we accessed the plugin settings.

We entered from email address that we created in our hosting and entered from name.

Under reply to we have provided the same email address that we have created.

SMTP host we have copied incoming server IMAP hostname and entered here.

Type of encryption – we have selected SSL/TLS option

Then we have entered SMTP port that we have entered outgoing server SMTP port number – 465

And we selected SMTP authentication YES.

And SMTP username and password we have entered the same email & password we have created in hosting account.

Now if you are using contact form 7 to send messages. It’s not goanna stop but you got to do some changes in contact form 7 settings that is we have created this new email id and we saw the from option that we can see in contact form 7.

So what am goanna do is, copy this email and go to contact form 7 and click edit and select this mail tab.

Under from option replace this with and scroll down and click save.

So that’s it guys, hope you’re able to do the SMTP configuration successfully. if you need additional help you can watch the video tutorial that I have made for you guys. Click on the below video to watch the entire video and please make sure to Subscribe to Digital RNK YouTube channel for more useful videos.

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